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what I do

Hi, I'm Dan Santoscoy. I’ve spent my entire career working in technology.  I’ve been fortunate to have gained a broad range of experiences in my 30+ year career, from developing software to managing technology projects and departments.

I am now using that broad range of experiences to help your business take advantage of technology to reduce costs, improve efficiency, automate processes, improve performance or just keep up with the constant changes in technology.  I work closely with you to make sure that we find solutions that meet your needs and work within your budget and timeframe.

Let’s talk about what we can do together.  Maybe over a mug of coffee!   
They say talk is cheap!  Well, in fact it’s free in my case.   How’s that for cheap?
We’ll talk about what issues you are having within your business.  It’s risk free in that it won’t cost you anything.  I’ll put a proposal and quote together and then hope to earn your business.

Here are a few of the services I can help you with. 

 software installation

Thinking about using customer relationship management (CRM) software, or how about a cloud based accounting package?  There is a lot to do to make sure these projects go smoothly.  This is where I can help.  I work closely with you to discuss what your needs are, do the research and then recommend the right software solution.  

Right as in, best price for your budget with   features that meet your needs and how you work.  Not right as in most expensive, or coolest features.  

I do the research, plan and execute the installation and setup, deliver the  training to your staff and make it’s all working as needed by the time we say were done.

 marketing and sales automation

If you are relying on email to manage leads you know it's easy for them to get lost in the inbox.  A customer email without a response is a potential customer lost. 

Implementing marketing and sales automation into your process is a big step towards making sure you don't lose that potential customer. 

But it's more than that!  We can automate the entire workflow of a project.  From capturing lead information all the way to making sure we send that thank you email at the end of a project.  In between we can automate the sending and approving of quotes and contracts and make it easier for the customer to pay you. 

 It all translates to a saving you time so you can focus on better serving your customers or maybe, just maybe, relaxing a bit.

building a web presence

Every business needs a website.  And it should be a modern looking website (yes, like fashion, web designs change over time and have to updated) .  It should have content that is current and it should  look great on a desktop or a phone. 

It’s a necessary part of your business.  The first thing people do when they want to learn more about your business is search on Google.   Unfortunately, Google can’t find your website if it doesn’t exist. 

Websites have normally been expensive to build.  But not anymore.  There are many great web building tools and templates to design and build a site that gets you up and running quickly and at a fraction of the cost of traditionally developed websites.  

My basic site can be done in a week or so and right now starts at just $1,750!    Let’s talk about how we get your business on the web. 

work I've done.... so far

I’m building up my portfolio of work.  I'd like to earn your business and add your site to my portfolio.  In the meantime, here's what I've done so far.  
I worked closely with the CEO of Professional Auditing Services Of America to update his current website.  He wanted a site with a more modern user experience.  We worked on making sure his clients could easily find what they needed and be able to navigate to the most important content quickly.  He was pretty happy with the outcome.
PAS-CASH website
Of course, I built my own website.  I wanted something simple that conveys who I am and what I can do for you.  
PAS-CASH website

about me

I’ve done many things in a 30 year technology career.  Here are a few.  

technology consultant

lover of all things tech

My entire work life has been centered around technology.  My degree is in computer science and I've been fortunate to keep working in this field in a number of different roles. I spent over 15 years of my career writing software at EDS/GM, Dell and as an independent developer.  And I spent 14 years managing the technology at one of the states largest law firms.   That gives me a pretty broad experience in our industry.  Now I want to rely on that experience to leverage technology solutions for your business.

software developer

writing software before it was cool...OK it was always cool

I love the craft of writing software and the immersive nature of just sitting down and solving problems in code.  But my main focus is using my knowledge of technology to solve your business problems.  Yes,  sometimes that means writing custom software, but not always.  There are many great off-the-shelf packages to consider and various web and cloud-based  products  now that make getting to your solution easier and a whole lot less expensive.  I like to look at those options with you first before deciding we need to break out the old code editor.  That's not the normal developer way, but I guess I'm not a normal developer.  I'm a technology consultant who prefers to get to your desired outcome as quickly and efficiently as possible.  If that saves you money too, I think that's a win for both of us!

project manager

task driven, but really I just want to get your project done so you're happy

I've managed a number of successful projects with lots of people and lots of moving parts.   I'm using that experience to manage the projects on I work on for you.  

proud Detroiter

living and working in Detroit makes for a short commute

I'm Detroit based.  I live, work and play in Detroit with my wife and 2 sons!   We’ve lived in our historic home in the city since 1993.  It’s great living in the city and were excited to see the positive vibe and changes that are taking place all over the city.

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